The 34 day long war between Hizbollah and the IDF, left southern Lebanon completely devastated. Both human and material costs were high. A silent aftermath, where relief efforts from international NGO’s, helped prevent a human catastrophe.


Day Worker

This is a story about a brave group of polish workers in Sweden.

As the face of Europe changed through the late ninetees, the beginning of the milleneum offered new opportunities to skilled handymen from all over Easter Europe. They would travel far and away from family and loved ones to work on remote country houses and dodgy construction sites.

Later on laws and regulations would be passed to make it easier for the rest of Europe to take advantage of this large workforce, unemployed in their ‘native’ countries. Better wages and working conditions are offered, yet still far from what Western Europeans would accept working the same trade.

These men worked the Swedish country side for wages they set themselves. It wasn’t much and they showed me a their beautiful homes and minds and gave me an insight into a world existing parallel to a very different Europe.

People And Life

People And Lives