The following lectures are offered on a request basis. Although called ‘lectures’ they are a combination of dialogue, team work and of course words and pictures. Please contact me for inquiries and availability.

Available in both English and Danish and Arabic.


Here Morsi performs with a unique way of looking at photography. based upon his early upbringing in Egypt, he questions the modern media culture and its role in the current nature and trends of photography. He discusses terms such as exotisation and negative dialectics and makes the audience question their own perception of the visual reality in which we all live. 2½ hours of entertainment, provocation and last but not least; lots of pictures.

prejudice and racism[EN-DK-AR]

A lecture about predujice and racism. A unique dialogue/teaching session about acknowledging the barriers to be able to break them down. It will usually be in conjunction with film material; such as the Swedish film “Who cares!” or the French film “La Haine”, teasers as shown above from Avaaz and other challenging views. A down to earth, provocative and also humoristic way of looking at the world and how we look at ourselves and form identity in groups, religion and nations. A look at the differences between words like integration and assimilation. Also and very important a look and thoughts about how the modern corporate media plays our fears and makes us look at each other with prejudice.  Taken into account Morsi’s own mixed background and experience from different places around the world, not the least, his adopted country, Denmark.


I am beginning to understand how censorship work in free societies when I go to totalitarian societies. “In dictatorships we are more fortunate than you in the west, in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and nothing of what we watch on television because we know it’s propaganda and lies! Unlike you in the West we have learned to look behind the propaganda and to read between the lines. Unlike you, we know that the real truth is always subversive”. Some people have called this ‘subjugated’ knowledge. Or as a young girl said, “Never believe anything until it is officially denied!” This is a lecture and a debate about the media. About the need for media hijacking and general access to diversified information. It also suggests ways of finding credible information, especially through the Internet. 2-3 hours of reference, ideas and debate accompanied by images and food for thought.


A session about marijuana. The plant of Jah or more commonly known as grass. 2 hours about the history of the drug, facts, myths and furthermore a detailed insight into the long term implications of habitual abuse. A lecture with a lot of laughs and a more comprehensive way at looking at this drug, how it is cultivated and why users don’t like to admit to its dubious affects on the psyche. Definite time for debate and questions. Funny stories, mind blowing facts and a personal know how, combines this into a session worthwhile for anyone interested in learning about and understanding this drug.