My name is Balidadi,

I have 3 children. I get up at 5 in the morning to pray. My wife will already be up by then. She will have my lunch ready for when I leave home. I work at the laundry. Here I start at 6 in the morning. Usually there will be 200-300 sheets to wash, beat, dry, fix, iron and fold every day and I am paid for each one that is finished and ready. If I have 200 a day, I am happy. I can return home with money in my hand and my wife can go shopping the next day when I go back to work. My days are long, I often return home at 10 in the evening. All my children are asleep and I can only eat dinner and look at them. If I’m lucky they’re awake in the morning and we have a chance to laugh together for a very short time before I go to work. I only have one day off every week.

I am very lucky to have this job. “Without my job, my life would be very hard.”

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