Mama Sai Baba

Bhai Mama Sai Baba

Bhai Mama Sai Baba

Where are you from? This was her first question to me. I had spent some time at the laundry, especially with Balidadi, talking to him, following his work and now I was just pottering around, walking around the place, leaning against walls, ledges, chairs and what ever to soak in the place. The strong detergents used, the coal from the old style irons and the softener that was as chemical as they get.

It wouldn’t matter where I was from, I told her Africa. She said you don’t look African. I said Egypt, but she didn’t know where that was. The Pyramids didn’t help. In the end she just sat there and looked at me. You’re my Bhai I told her to provoke the smallest grin, but a narrow smile was the largest gesture I could provoke.

Do you have a religion she asked me?

I was thinking about my reply as she said “Sai Baba for me.”

And then she folded her arms and I took her picture.

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