Fayza Khalil

Fayza Khalil

Fayza Khalil (b. 1937, Egypt) has lived in Denmark since 1971. She is the mother of two and wife of Massoud Morsi. She is a multi artist and self taught. From designing clothes to painting oil on canvas and with a voice, that led her to Radio Cairo, performing parts of the repertoire of world famous Egyptian singer Oum Khalthoum. All came to a halt due to the face of war and the following move to Denmark.

From her early work in the early sixtees until present day, paintings of nature and beauty have dominated and with her ever youthful brush strokes, she has covered parking lot spaces in Denmark with palm trees and Pyramids and covered canvas’ with snow on the rooftop of her childhood home on Alexandria st. in Cairo.

Fayza Khalil is not only my mother, but also a human being I dearly respect and love for all she is and stands for and I am happy for the recognition she has received as an artist with a, youthful, unique and daring way of  painting.

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