It's Only Love, Give It Away

It’s Only Love, Give It Away

It’s Only Love, Give It Away:

The statement “Its Only Love Give It Away” began it’s life on some handmade stickers that I made around year 2000 and put up in the streets of Copenhagen.

When I quit doing the stickers, my friends at Punk Royal, a danish clothing company, used the statement on their package tape and that really made the statement spreading, with the tape going around copenhagen , Denmark and the rest of the world.

A lot of people wanted the tape and used it to place “It’s only Love give it away” on everything from bicycles, to shirts, to walls, to signs and so on. Now more than 10 years later, the tape and stickers is gone but the statement has a life of it’s own.

I want to reclaim the statement, but only to give it away, it’s somehow powerful and simple and I still love it.

So feel free to use it as long as you don’t profit from it, but please ask before and please send the pictures, video or whatever you have to this facebook page so that we can share the love.

It’s only love give it away.

Spinello aka Sebastian Dragelykke

As of such, I have used the statement.

I remembered it when taking this picture of Jennifer on a warm Perth night hanging out at the train tracks and we showered Ruth, homeless, with a hand rolled cigarette and she returned us a flower and a kind energy. Affection, kindness, warmth, humanity and universal language. It’s only love, give it away..

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