Mazen is four years old and Palestinian Syrian; she doesn’t speak a word. She arrived at the Shatila camp in Beirut six months ago. No one knows the fate or whereabouts of her family if any; she was found and brought to the camp. She lives now in a shoebox sized room with seven other children and six adults.

In Danish on the NGO’s Facebook page


There was truly no justice in what I heard or saw today. Truly none. I am merely a witness to a suffering we can’t even imagine. It took profound courage for the people I met today, children, women and men, to open up their homes to me, tell me their stories and let me take their pictures. I hope my photographs, how simple these portraits might be, bear the witness of the torment we as humans are able to inflict upon each other.


“And for all of us, those who don’t fight – are not separate from those who fight; we are all responsible for war. War is not something that happens external to us; it is an extension of us, its roots within our very nature. It happens within all of us.”

Claude Anshin Thomas

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