Twenty Five Years Later

Twenty Five Years Later

Twenty Five Years Later

He’s still there, Fido Dido, the old drawing on the top floor in Faisal. A figure of a time where a soft drink was called 7up and its sidekick was a cartoon character called Fido Dido. He was young, smart, sporty. Nothing even remotely close to what would be expected of anyone drinking a Coca Cola product. But who knew what Coca Cola was back then. We didn’t care. For us it was just the ‘something cold’ – ‘Haga Saae’ as we say in Arabic. A soft drink.

He’s still there, Fido Dido. Reminding me of a time, where everything moved a lot slower.

The kids still play on those same steps, but instead of drawing another figure, they’re pushing buttons, looking at something else than each other. I always wish to walk up those steps and find a new character drawn, painted, one to last another twenty five years.

Perhaps Homer Simpson would do.

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